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25 Novembre 2014
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Let's do this! :d

Books turned into movies: do you usually read the book first or watch the movie and then read the book? Why?
I usually prefer to read the book first. Like some of you, I think the books are almost always better than the TV serie/movie. The only problem is that I get very angry when the movie is not like the book... :rire: I probably screamed when I watched the sixth Harry Potter movie :rire:
The thing is that I don't have a lot of time to read right now, so I have to watch the movies first, but then I try to read the book. It's also intersting doing it this way: it's easier to picture the characters, the places,... in your head. Believe me, this come in handy when you read Game of Thrones! I'm quite bad at remember names, who is who, so thank God I watched the TV show first!
18 Janvier 2012
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The sixth Harry Potter is the worst :annoyed: I have no idea what happened when they actually wrote/planned the film ... I'ts the only one I watched once, the others are pretty good or at least fine. I even like the first part of the Deathly Hallows.

What I like the most about reading is to picture the characters, atmospheres and places. I wish I could read a book after I watch the TV show/movie that was made from it. Even if the book is better (that's what happens most of the time),the creative part and the imagination to read the initial story is gone with the film/show, since someone pictured and portrayed everthing for you.

I guess I will never read Game of Thrones or Hunger Games, because of that. I already have the characters in mind. It truly annoys me: I'm sure GoT are amazing books. :crying:
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3 Juin 2014
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@Lilly Lou yes Got are great books and may be it is not too late for you to read them because there are a lot of differences between the books and the serie. As example, Tyrion Lannister is not at all the same guy :) So, i think you can try !
23 Mars 2015
Hi girls! I'm new here, but I really like this topic, so I'll just go with the flow, if that's alright with y'all!

Books turned into movies: do you usually read the book first or watch the movie and then read the book? Why?

I usually read the books first before watching the movie. What I like about the books is the fact that you can unfold your imagination without any limitation. There are no boundaries, and you can really (re)create your own world according to what the author writes, everyone has his/her own interpretation. (The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Divergent, ...)
And afterwards, when I go to the movie theater to watch the movie, I know beforehand that I’ll be disappointed, but I can’t help but to go see the movie.
The only exceptions are LOTR and “The Fault in Our Stars”. For LOTR, I’ve never been able to be “sucked into the story”, and I couldn’t even finish the first book, but I thought the movies were absolutely brilliant.
And even though the movie from “The Fault in Our Stars” doesn’t follow exactly what the book describes, I got a lot more emotional about it. The actors were incredible, very human and they described the main characters perfectly.
3 Juillet 2013
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Books turned into movies: do you usually read the book first or watch the movie and then read the book? Why?

Usually I'm watching first movies/shows TV because nearly always books are better so in this way I'm not disappointed like the times where I did not, for example with Hunger Games, I read books first and after I watch the first movie and I fixed by all the differences (in particular the dogs at the end that are not dogs in the books) and I was disrupted by the fact that the main characters are not like I imagine them. But it happen me sometimes to do not appreciate books, like with Dexter's books, I preferred characters in the books but it was more exciting to watch the show TV.
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29 Juin 2015
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Well, I saw that topic and I was like... "Why not trying this out ?". I have a very basic english but instead of doing nothing to fix it, I'll throw me in.
Books turned into movies: do you usually read the book first or watch the movie and then read the book? Why?

I always read the book before watching the movie 'cause the book is always "full". The movie deletes some scenes that destroys the original story. For example, Insurgent 's movie (Divergent 2), is a way different from the book 'cause in Divergent (the movie), they deleted a character, but he is very important for the next (Edward, a transfered dauntless). They saw that then they added a random guy (Edgar I think) to do Edward's storyline. Same for The 100. I think you must read the book(s) before watch the movie(s) 'cause sometimes, the movie is pretty bad and the book is awesome (and conversely) (hello, Hunger Games' movie serie). The same thing for the mangas and comics.
27 Février 2015
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When I saw this topic I was like "I want to try but I'm a really shit so it's can be funny". So, I try !

I can't say if I read the book or watch the movie first. It's depend on the movie or the book. If I know the book before the movie I read the book first. For example, I have read Harry Potter before seeing movies. But, for Hunger games, I have seen movies before read books. (I don't have already read Hunger games...). When I don't know the book I prefere seeing movie before read the book because we have more information in a book and we can always discover a book. I think all depends on the book or the movie.
14 Août 2014
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Books turned into movies: do you usually read the book first or watch the movie and then read the book? Why?

It's rare that i see a movie adapted by a book. And people are so disappointed when they see the adaptation, but an adaptation is a personal look about a book, it's normal if it's different no ? So there are limits and when it's very different it's just an inspiration.
I have read again the Harry Potter when there was adapted. But usually either I read the book or I saw the movie, not two.
27 Février 2015
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With my studies I had to adapt a book in movie. It's really complicated because we can't do everything. I think the we always prefer the book because we can make our own mental adaptation of this book. It's maybe why most of us prefer read books before seeing movies...
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14 Août 2014
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@Ellestaunord : Yes, certainly ! I loved Harry Potter's movies 'cause it was like i imagined it ! Ok just the first and the second XD
I know it's complicated to adapt all, but there are elements which can't be unknow like the Quiddich match in the 4th T_T But I understand that Dobby was unknowed, it was too big !
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4 Juin 2014
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OMG a topic in english! :caprice:
To keep talking about Harry Potter, it's weird because I actually think some parts of the movies are very accurate, really like I imagined them while reading the books, and some parts are more like "what the hell"... But generally they're good.

I think it's better to read the books before seeing the movies (when possible), because when we're reading we create our own image of the story, but when you see the movie first you already have the actors faces, the settings etc in mind so you don't picture it yourself, and to me picturing the story is part of reading :nod:
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