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Kitty Cat

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4 Septembre 2014
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Well, I find the topic by accident, the subject inspires me (like/as - I really don't know which one is right, could someone please explain me the rule ? - everything about books :ninja:) and I have nothing better to do than practice English so let's go !

I've read the book before seeing the most adaptations I've seen but that wasn't really a choice : it's more because I read a lot while I don't often watch films ; consequently, I am more likely to noticed a book and then discover there's (or will be !) a film than the contrary.

For me, books give more details. Indeed, you have almost no restriction in a book (as long as your publisher is OK) but a film could hardly last more than 3 hours and filming a second part cost a lot of money. So, I think it's better to read the book anyway.

However and even if it's not usually what happens to me, I am of the opinion that read the book after may be better because when I've read the book before seeing the film, I'm waiting for precise things, I want the film to be as good as the book. When I haven't read the book, I'm just want to have a good time.

And to finish, sometimes when I've already read the book, I don't want to see the film for I love the book so much I don't want to be disappointed - or because I think the book is really hard to adaptate. For instance, I don't want to see the film about The Little Prince - and I'm sceptic about the adaptation of The Book Thief, which is for me very particular and difficult to turn into a film.

Don't hesitate to correct me if I've made mistakes. ;)
21 Avril 2015
[COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.701961)]I prefer seeing the movie first. My reason is simple : It's hard for me to imagine the faces of the characters. Once I saw the movies, I really enjoy reading the books because I <know> how they look.
But the downside is when you watch the movie first, you may find the book sooooo looooong !!

@Kitty Cat I think it's sceptical instead of <sceptic> and I expect rather than <I'm waiting for precise things>.

Feel fee to correct me as well please:)[/COLOR]
11 Août 2015
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Books turned into movies : do you usually read the book first or watch the movie and then read the book ? Why ?
I prefer to read the book before the movie because I can imagine the place where the story takes place and the characters. But I admit that very often, I watch a movie and then find out it was the adaptation of a book. It's a good thing too because I discover new things that please me. Like the movie Divergent that made me want to read the books.
16 Juin 2015
Books turned into movies : do you usually read the book first or watch the movie andthen read the book ? Why ?

Well, I had this debate with some friends a few days ago ! :)
I prefer seeing the movie(s) before reading the book(s) actually. The pros of reading the books first is that it allows you to imagine everything, such as the background , the characters and so on.. but your imagination will never (or almost) coincidate with the view of the Film director and you'll often end up disappointed :/
In my opinion, if you read the books first, you need to convince yourself that the film might go at the exact opposite direction as your imagination's gone. So it might quite frustrate you.
If you see the movies first, it will be easier to imagine everything , and you'll have the joy to live all this wonderful stories again. :rainbow:

Well, you'll have to choose between : letting your imagination goes with the wind and having to accept the possible deceptions of an awful adaptation, or retain yourself, see the movies and then read the books, without a real chance to exercice your mind.
29 Juillet 2015
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Books turned into movies: do you usually read the book first or watch the movie and then read the book? Why?

Hello! I hope it's okay me joining the topic :)

I'd rather read the book first because I'm a huuuuge reader. That way I build my own idea of the story and characters. But I also love watching the movie and I am always afraid of disliking the adaptation. SO I read the book first and then wait a while before watching the movie based upon it, thus I have time to "forget" the book a little and let mysel a chance to enjoy the movie.

Generally I find the books MUCH better than their adaptations (Harry Potter !) but sometimes I prefer the movies (The Reader with Kate Winslet, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button or The Lovely Bones). Now and then I am profundly grateful to directors who transfered onto the screen some beautiful books and made me want to discover the orignal books by myself (such as Peter Jackson and The Lord of the Rings).

In fact, my reading the book or watching the movie or the show first depends on whatever I own the book, have time to read it or prefer watching TV or going to the theaters at that time... But when I can, I'd almost always rather read the book first.
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17 Février 2014
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I usually watch the movie first. And it helps me discover books, which I usually find better than the movies I saw ^^
For example I watched the first Hunger Games movie, which I really enjoyed, and then I read the three books at once. After that I was very disappointed with the next Hunger Games movies, now that I knew all that was missing...
I like to be surprised in a movie, and it's not a big problem if I already know the end of the book. I'm not too influenced by the movie either, I can imagine my own landscapes and characters if I didn't like how they looked like in the movie !

There's a counter-example with Cloud Atlas. I enjoyed the book, which I read after seeing the movie, but the movie remained far beyond <3
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17 Février 2014
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@StolenPrayer I enjoyed the book, it's just that you don't find the epicness of the movie in it... The music helped a lot, I think, and the way the movie was constructed.
So the book is a nice story, very well written (with different styles depending on the characters), it was a good moment. Maybe a bit too long sometimes. But I didn't regret buying it !
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25 Novembre 2014
@Onetwofuis , I join this topic too, and of course, you can participe if you can say what you want to say !

I rather read the book before to see the movie, because i like to compare my imagination with what the producter of the movie choose. If i see the movie before, i'm frustrate because some things that happened in the book did not in the movie, and then i try to create pictures joining my imagination and the characters/places of the movie. Or sometimes, i even try to find wich scene of the movie is refered at the scene that I read...
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27 Août 2018
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@mt I like the idea of speaking English, I'm afraid to loose my English since I've finished my studies...
We can make this topic live again if you want :top:
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